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About Us

Our Mission:

To create a global network of kids working together toward positive change utilizing technology, environmental service projects and community centers.

Our Goals are Global:

<code> To inspire and facilitate communication between the youth of many nations </code> To improve understanding among children of diverse backgrounds and living situations through cultural and environmental awareness <code> To implement projects for kids as vehicles for positive change </code> To open centers that help children gain opportunity in needy communities

Our Philosophy:

If given the opportunity, children in any setting have the capability to do anything. The key is communication, learning that suffering exists and understanding that even one single child can make a BIG difference.

Forjando Alas Youth Center


Forjando Alas inspires children to want to learn through creative and fun hands-on lesson plans and prepares them to enter the professional world by sharing essential job skills.


This center is a safe place for students to spend time outside of school, learning English, technology and important life skills. Children also connect through Kids' FUN to kids in different countries with Skype, video and email pen pals.


- From a very young age, children have a natural ability for learning new languages, especially through immersion and constant practice.

- Children do better in school when they are engaged in the learning process.

- Instruction should incorporate multiple subjects to simulate real-world experiences.

- Each person has a unique learning style and curriculum should reflect these differences. Forjando Alas will offer new information so children can see it, hear it, and do it. Experiential practice is key to understanding the learning process.

- Forjando Alas will uphold the highest level of safety, minimizing the teacher to student ratio.


Uvita, Puntarenas in Costa Rica is a rapidly developing tourist community, and connected to the Marino Ballena National Marine Park. Construction has begun on an international airport 45 minutes away. Within the last two years the road to Uvita has been paved and numerous hotels, resorts and tour companies have been constructed. Due to the rapidly growing tourist industry in an area previously almost untouched by travelers, many local residents are being left behind with the only jobs available to them being the lowest paying, manual labor jobs. The goal of this student center is to inspire children to become professionals by helping them learn English, inspiring them to stay in school and providing the tools necessary to create and manage small businesses.

The student center is a safe house for students, especially girls whose parents work long hours. It is a place they can connect with other students and community leaders, get help with homework, use the internet, and practice their English. Specialists will be brought in to teach skills and inspire kids to continue their education, avoiding early drop outs, early pregnancies and the necessity to take jobs with very little pay. The current age of drop outs in Costa Rica is decreasing, and many children are not making it to the 6th grade. For this reason the project is already focusing on connecting 5th graders with classes in the United States through Skype. The student center will provide computers with internet connection to maintain this international link between kids, enhancing and empowering English education for Costa Rican children.

The rate of child sexual abuse in Uvita is increasing and shockingly prevelant in the elementary school we are working with. Last month alone, five children were reported as being molested. This community needs the support, and children must feel they are valued. Forjando Alas will inspire children to set goals, gain confidence and treat others with respect.

Local community members and parents of students at Escuela la Uvita are in full support of this project and even want to attend the workshops themselves. Students converse in English and share in the learning experience through computer games, Skype, crafts, games and sports. A schedule of weekly workshops will be set, including lessons teaching kids life skills such as health, cooking, how to get a job and more.

Our Mission:

To create a global network of kids working together toward positive change utilizing technology, environmental service projects and community centers.

Our Goals are Global:

<code> To inspire and facilitate…

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