WORI Uganda

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Plot 2 Bell avenue
P.O. Box 1192

About Us

WORI Vision.

A society free from violence and recognises the needs and rights of women and youths.

WORI Mission

Empowering women to advocate against violence through human rights education, skills and information sharing to strengthen capacities and visibility.

WORI Objectives

• To advocate against the violation of human and women's rights through dissemination of information on human and women's rights in communities

• To empower women in leadership skills of policy and decision making through conducting research on specific issues affecting women to address them at grass root level and working in partnership with organisations and stake holders in training and shaping women into better leaders.

• To empower women and youth access economic resources to reduce poverty

WORI adopts the following strategy to achieve these objectivesBuild capacities of women with skills to access information on market opportunities for their produce.

• To contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS among women and youth through: Educating training and awareness, Research and advocacy, net working and collaboration with other stakeholders

• To work in partnership with like minded organisations, institutions and individuals to Attain our objectives