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About Us


Our mission is to restore our communities by encouraging respect, establishing ethics, and inspiring our youth through education


Our vision is to train respectful, articulate, and intelligent leaders in an effort to rescue our youth from the distractions of the streets


I am beautiful

I am somebody

I can do anything I put my mind to

I love myself

Noone can stop me from reaching my goals

The only failure that is fatal, is the failure to try

I am Beautiful: The focal point is inside and outside beauty the mentor discuss in detail hygiene, the appropriate way to wash your face and take care of your skin, the importance of dress and the clothes you wear. The mentor urges their mentee to show beauty through respect and the treatment of themselves and others.

I am somebody: focus is proper Etiquette and how to carry yourself in public.

I can do anything I put my mind to: Focus on setting goals and how to achieve the goals you set.

I love myself: Concentrates on Body Image: Weight, Nutrition, Sex, Drugs, and Abuse

No one can stop me from reaching my goal: Builds strong relationships and help identify healthy and non-healthy relationships with family, friends, and mates.

The concept is to break down the whole being of the person to create confidence, self-esteem, and respect.