Empowering Children and Youths School Sierra Leone

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About Us

The Empowering Children School was founded on April 5, 2009 by Ibrahim A Kamara. It is the school’s mission is to minimize the high level of illiteracy and to offer a free education to children in poverty who cannot afford to further their education. The school started with just two students who previously had dropped out of school and today there are 42 students attending and it is our hope it will continue growing.

Education is valued in Sierra Leone; but the children face many overwhelming obstacles to a good education. In Sierra Leone, the majority of children who are attending government schools are coming to school hungry and are learning with very few materials provided for them.

Although our school presently faces many challenges, we have been able to play a vital role in the improvement of children lives. Our children embrace this new digital age . We would like to share our world and learn about the world outside Congo Town, Sierra Leone. It is our hope to interact, collaborate, and publish with our peers around the world using a variety of media. We believe this will help all of us develop cultural awareness and global awareness.

At the Empowering Children School, almost all the children are homeless and they are all fighting very hard for their survival. Most engage in petty trading [small scale business] and others are doing other odd jobs to make their living. After students put in many hours working, they then attend school.

Ibrahim started this school “because the conditions here for our children are desperate and I felt I needed to do something. I am not happy with the way many of these children are living their lives or earning their living, but how can I stop them when I am not strong enough to provide for them? I encourage them to become educated. It is the gift I can offer them.”