An abstract illustration of a pre-hire checklist, with doodles of a pencil, magnifying glass, and gears.

Recruiting the right candidate can be a daunting task, but advanced preparation and organization in the form of a pre-hire checklist can help to tighten your process and make it more effective.

A pre-hire checklist allows your hiring manager to plan ahead, work in a timely manner, and ensure that all critical steps (and smaller details) are taken into account along the way. A checklist can also help to promote equity by offering a common set of standards ensuring applicants are evaluated fairly and objectively.

Below is a sample template to help you plan for the different components and phases of the recruitment process. We provide suggestions on task assignments, but variations are likely depending on whether your organization has a more centralized hiring system with a dedicated HR team, or a decentralized system with the supervisor of the role acting as hiring manager.

Download a copy of this template and customize it to fit your organization’s hiring needs: Pre-Hire Checklist

Idealist's Pre-Hire Checklist


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