How do I opt in to track applicants when posting?

You decide whether you would like to track applicants in your Applicant Tracking system while creating your listing. Once a listing is posted, if you chose not to track applicants, you won’t be able to edit it after posting, and vice versa.


The option to use enable applicant tracking will appear on the 4th page, “How to Apply” when creating a job, internship, or volunteer listing.


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Be sure the “Track applicants using Idealist” option is checked off on this page!

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If you decide not to use this option, you won’t be able to track applicants and job seekers will need to apply by email to an email address you provide, or through a link you provide to another application option.


Once your listing live on our site, take a look at our How do I view applicants for my listing? article!


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