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Job Functions allow organizations to categorize their listings so they'll show up in relevant searches.

This helps improve job seekers’ chances of finding opportunities related to their interests!

For example, an organization may assign the following Job Functions to a “Caseworker” position: Case/Social Work, Direct Services, and/or Community Engagement/Outreach. When a job seeker types Direct Services into the keyword search, they will be able to see this listing even if the term “direct services” is only listed as a job function and not written elsewhere in the listing.

To see all of the available Job Functions there are to select from, check out What are the specific job functions?

Job Seekers

A job seeker can filter by job function by selecting one or more of the terms listed within the Job Function category. Additionally, if a job seeker types a Job Function term in the keyword search box, listings with that particular Job Function will show up in the search results first.

More information about filtering can be found in our How do I use your search engine? and How do I narrow down my search? articles.


Organization administrators can select up to five Job Functions per listing. You can make your selections in the Job Functions field under the Description text box in the job listing form. Please note, Job Functions can be added anytime before or after your listing is published.

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